How to Transfer Audible Audiobooks to MP3 Players

"I found a book that was hard to read but easy to listen to. So I try to listen to audiobooks on Audible. To my surprise, I like it so much. Especially when driving, walking, and doing housework, listening to audiobooks is really the best way to open up fragmented time. Until I found out that my device was constantly dying, and I just had an MP3 left. I was wondering if there is any way to help me transfer Audible audiobooks to MP3 players?"

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Audible Audiobooks

Audible is a world-renowned large-scale genuine audiobook publishing and distribution website. It is currently affiliated with Amazon and has almost monopolized the entire e-book digital distribution market. Most popular or classic novels are available in Audible audiobook versions. All audiobooks are recorded in professional studios and read aloud by professional dubbing staff. However, unlike other audiobooks, Audible's official original audiobooks are sold and downloaded through Digital Rights Management (DRM) and linked to the user's Audible account. Therefore, you can only listen to Audible books on authorized devices.

In addition, since the downloaded files are in AAX format, Only a few MP3 players support Audible audiobooks, including the iPod, ZenSansa, Clip Jam, Clip Sport and Clip Voice. If you happen to have one of the above MP3 players, you can directly use your MP3 device to download and play Audible audiobooks.

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How to Transfer Audible Audiobooks to Audible-Supported MP3 Players

As long as your MP3 player is an Audible-enabled device, you can easily download Audible audiobooks with the help of Audible Sync or Audible Download Manager. Just download the corresponding program, it will automatically jump to your library, and a download option will be displayed next to each book. Just click to download. Then all you need to do is connect an Audible-supported MP3 player to your computer, and activate the device. Then you can copy audiobooks to MP3 devices.

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The whole operation steps are relatively simple, but the premise is that you need to have an MP3 player supported by Audible. What if your MP3 player is not supported by Audible? Is there Any way to transfer Audible audiobooks? Don't get frustrated, please refer to the second transfer method.

How to Transfer Audible Audiobooks to Any MP3 Players

If you don't have an Audible-supported MP3 player, but just happen to have an old MP3 available at home, then just one conversion tool can help you out.

The Best Audible audiobooks to MP3 converter--Any Audible Converter can help you solve the problem perfectly.

Any Audible Converter is the new, all-in-one Audible Audiobook Converter that helps you effortlessly convert Audible/Audible Plus AA/AAX audiobooks and podcasts to MP3 format, so you can listen to them on any MP3 player. In addition to MP3 format, Audible audiobooks can also be converted to M4A and M4B formats. You can choose whatever is convenient for you. Any Audible Converter also supports converting audiobooks by chapter without compromising the quality of the audiobook at all.

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Features of Any Audible Converter:

  • Download audiobooks and podcasts from Audible/Audible Plus.
  • Convert Audible audiobooks and podcasts to M4A, M4B, and MP3.
  • Support splitting audiobooks by length, chapters, or segments.
  • Keep chapters and ID3 tags after converting audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Convert Audible audiobooks 100X faster than the average level.
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If you are interested in transferring Audible audiobooks to MP3 player via Any Audible Converter, Just follow the steps below and have a try!

Step 1 Download Any Audible Converter and log in

After downloading, you will see it clear main interface, click the menu in the upper right corner to log in.

Step 2 Customize Settings

Click the setting button in the top-right corner to modify the conversion settings including the output format, output quality, output path and regions. You can select "MP3" as the output format here.

Step 3 Add Audible Audiobooks

Click the "Add from local computer" or "Add from Audible library" button to add audiobooks/podcasts to the program. When you add from the Audible library, you will see an "Add to list" blue icon in the lower right corner, just click to add the audiobook.

add to list
Step 4 Advanced Settings

After adding audiobooks to the program, there will be an edit button next to each book, click to split audio files by length, chapters or segments.

advanced setting
Step 5 Start Converting

Click on the "Convert" button to start converting the audiobooks to the MP3 format. After the conversion is completed, the output folder will pop up automatically, and you can see the result in it. You can also click the "History" button to find the well-converted files from the local drive. Then connect any of your MP3 players to your computer to transfer Audible audiobooks to it.

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Without the limitation of MP3 player device, Any Audible Converter can help you transfer the audiobooks you are interested in Audible to any MP3 player you own. Just a few simple steps and you can enjoy listening to Audible audiobooks on your MP3 player.

Such an excellent software for transferring Audible audiobooks to MP3 players, come and try it!

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Download Audible audiobooks and podcasts to MP3/M4A/M4B.

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